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Multitasking in the Classroom

on May 30, 2012

My multitasking is something that I probably should not be proud of. However, this assignment requires me to tell you all. I am constantly on my Iphone, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, texting, pretty much anything I can find to do. I am also on my computer most of the day. I sometimes watch TV, but not as much as I am on my other devices. I would say that my retention and task completion obviously, is not what it could be if I was not distracted. (I sound like an addict ha) Sometimes I can multitask, I can text someone and also listen to my teacher lecture, but it is not as clear and I am not as focused on the lesson. I am normally trying to find things to distract me. I would say my classmates are at the same level as I am; I can always by the first week decide which person is constantly on their phone.

Doing a little bit of research was very helpful to see if I am the only crazy multitask-er out there. The first article I read is from The Chronicle- Encouraging Distraction in the Classroom. Basically, this article is a blog from Prof. Hacker who explains his views on technology in the classroom. He does an experiment with students with iPads that is very interesting.

Another article that I found is Can Technology Make Your Kid a Better Student? . This is very interesting to me. It starts with a picture of adorable children playing on smart phones. Starting to read more, it has great opinions on why we should let our children be with technology. An example that is used is a child texting someone, that is a great idea. Keeping the children with the 21st century is never a bad idea to me.


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