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Week 1: School Tech Solutions, Brad Flickinger

on May 27, 2012

After reading Flickinger’s blog, Educational Technology Bill of Rights for Students I agree and disagree with his article. First, I do agree that we as teachers and students need to be more technology sound because time is changing. More specifically, I agree with 4. (Wikipedia) because it is a accurate source for something quick and easy to look up, yes you cannot believe everything you read. I also agree with the fact that yes, we are teachers and we need to teach 21st Century skills to our students.

I do not agree, in a general sense, this article is partially unrealistic. I do not think that Flickinger is taking into consideration that fact that not all schools and students have the opportunity to have their own technology at home or in school. If schools did let students bring their own media, a whole other issue would be brought up of bullying, cliques, and bad behavior in general. And, obviously we do not want that.


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